Chanel 3 earmuffs

The Reason Chanel #3 Always Wears Earmuffs Is Teen Vogue

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According to Chanel #1, if shes no longer the HKIC (Head Kappa In Charge), then shes no longer the most wanted on the Red Devils list, and is therefore happy to welcome in a new target for the campus...

  • The Reason Chanel #3 Always Wears Earmuffs Is Finally Revealed

All 47 Earmuff Outfits Chanel No 3 Has Worn on Scream Queens

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The campy, foul-mouthed world of Ryan Murphys Scream Queensreturned for a second season on Fox last week, with a brand-new look a hospital run by former university dean Cathy Munsch, two years after t...

  • All 47 Earmuff Outfits Chanel No. 3 Has Worn on Scream Queens

Why Does Chanel No 3 Always Wear Earmuffs On Scream Queens?'

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There's an amazing explanation why Chanel No. 3 wears earmuffs on 'Scream Queens.'. But one of the most pressing mysteries is: Whats up with Chanel No. 3s earmuffs?

  • Why Does Chanel No. 3 Always Wear Earmuffs On Scream Queens?'

'Scream Queens' Character Chanel No 3 Wears Earmuffs For An

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Why does Chanel No. 3 always wear earmuffs? OK maybe the last question wasn't weighing as heavy on your mind as the other two, but surely, you must have wondered what Chanel No. 3's deal...

  • 'Scream Queens' Character Chanel No. 3 Wears Earmuffs For An Important Reason, But What Is It?

Scream Queens Chanel No 3s Earmuffs Secret Revealed

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After rigging the votes (because obviously one president would get killed), Chanel (Emma Roberts). We finally found out why No. 3 (Billie Lourde) wears the earmuffs its not just an homage to her...

  • Scream Queens: Finally Find Out Why No. 3 Wears Those Earmuffs
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Truth be told I am very jealous of Chanel #3s collection of earmuffs

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Dear Chanel #3, I dont know much about yeast infections but have you ever tried killing all your friends? Love Dad. Chanel #3, if youre not the one murdering everybody I feel like you should give...

  • Finally getting around to watching Scream Queens. Billie Lourd is killing it.

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